HOT BRICKSHOT BRICKS Lighting Instructions

Congratulations and thank you for using HOT BRICKS, HOT BAG of FIRE or HOT AllNighter LOGS. 

We hope you fall in love with the quality, convenience and warmth of our product.  We know you will enjoy the Heat that they produce. Remember,  you are responsible for your fire so always be cautious and thoughtful when you burn.  Wood stoves can overheat and be damaged by any fuel you use.  You must learn how to best use HOT BRICKS in your wood stove or fireplace to safely maximize the heat output and ambiance.

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Here is the way we use HOT BRICKS in our Wood stove:

We found the best way to light HOT BRICKS is to put a fire starter sticks or kindling against the back wall of your stove and lean 3 or 4 Hot Bricks against the back wall over the kindling spaced about 1/2 of an inch apart. Ignite the kindling and allow a fair amount of air to get the fire going in order to build a glowing coal bed (usually 20 or 30 minutes). Next, for a long burn heating fire, spread the coal bed around a bit and carefully add Hot Bricks into the stove with a quarter inch or so of clearance between each brick.  DO NOT OVER PACK STOVE or allow bricks to contact the glass. Close the airflow dampers way down and monitor your chimney temperature.  You want flame but not too much. Experiment with your stove to find the best combination for heat and ambiance.  Enjoy the warmth.

Here is how we use HOT BRICKS in our fireplace:

We found the best way to light Hot Bricks in our fireplace is to put fire starter sticks or kindling against the back wall and lean 4 or 5 bricks vertically against the back wall spaced about 3/4 inch apart over the kindling (step 1).  Next we lean another row of bricks over the spaces between the bricks that are against the wall (step 2).  We slip another fire starter stick between these two rows. Next we lean 2 bricks horizontally over the top of the second row (step 3).  Ignite the kindling, sit back and enjoy the warmth and ambience.

Stacking Hot Bricks
step 3
Lighting Hot Bricks
step 2
Burning Hot Bricks
step 1


Here is how we use HOT BAG of FIRE in our fireplace:

  1. Lay the whole burlap bag flat on your fireplace grate.
  2. Place newspaper, rolled loosely, under grate and light paper with a match.
  3. Enjoy the warmth of a REAL fire.

Lighting a HOT BAG of FIRE
image 1
Burning HOT BAG of FIRE
image 2
Burning the HOT BAG of FIRE
image 3


Here is how we use HOT AllNighter LOGS in our fireplace:

(Instructions coming soon)